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Savouring it is smarter than overdoing it. "Beer brewed carefully, to be consumed with care"

the arnoldus code

afbeelding van Arnoldus, beschermer van de Belgische brouwersThe Arnoldus Group uses this slogan, which has to be included in beer adverts, to promote responsible beer consumption. Duvel Moortgat was one of the founders of the Arnoldus Group, a Belgian Brewers’ initiative, in 1992.
The organisation’s aim has remained unchanged ever since: to combat alcohol abuse and at the same time promote the image of beer and sensible beer drinking.
The Arnoldus Group also supports research into beer and health carried out by universities and scientific centres and has international contacts with similar organisations.
The name Arnoldus – the patron saint of Belgian brewers – was chosen for its neutrality and because he also symbolises the commitment of Belgian brewers.

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