Duvel Moortgat and Birrificio del Ducato are brewing a recipe for future success together

Puurs, Soragna – 21 February 2018.
The collaboration between the independent Belgian brewery Duvel Moortgat and the Italian brewery Birrificio del Ducato is reinforced.

In December 2016, Duvel Moortgat announced the acquisition of an initial stake in the Italian brewery, and now Duvel Moortgat is acquiring a majority stake of 70%. Duvel Moortgat will continue to support Birrificio del Ducato in realising the plans for their beers and to stimulate further international growth. With full respect for the beers and traditions, the Belgian and Italian teams, led by the founders Manuel Piccoli and Giovanni Campari as master brewer.


People & Planet

We can’t deny that the ecosystem of our earth is out of balance today. If everyone lives as we do in the West, then eventually we will need more than one planet. That is why we limit our ecological footprint as much as possible. All electricity we buy for the brewery is 100% green, from renewable sources. And that is not the only measure we've taken.